Making Art During Fascism Zine

Making Art During Fascism

After the 2016 election, I responded to artists' fears and anxieties by producing a tool-kit pamphlet called Making Art During Fascism. You can contact me through my website to receive a free copy. A 2.0 updated version is for sale through Los Angeles' Women's Center for Creative Work;  all sales 100% benefit this non-profit feminist art and activism organization. Visit KCHUNG Radio archives to find archived episodes of my radio shows Person-Centered and Making Art During Fascism.

from the LA WEEKLY -
"Trump hasn't even been inaugurated yet and it already sounds trite: Art is more important now than ever before. Perhaps making art during capitalism wasn't ideal, but making art during fascism is going to be a challenging task. It will, however, be integral in provoking thought and stemming a tide of hate, prejudice and closed-mindedness that's already rearing its head. At Making Art During Fascism, a Sunday program that continues through the month of January, artists are invited to come together to create and share ideas while it's, you know, still legal. A free guide on speaking out when free speech seems imperiled is included."