Throughout the year, I visit art schools and universities, community arts organizations, museums and galleries – wherever the artists are! Below is a sampling of the workshops I lead for artists, arts organizers, curators, and activists. Contact me for pricing and workshop length. 

Your Art Will Save Your Life

This is an interactive workshop for artists, writers, and creatives who want something more or different from their practice. Drawn from my book of the same name, you’ll engage in writing and group conversation, surveying the role your practice currently plays in your life. You’ll inventory your familial and person histories through the lenses of work, education, money, art, and attitudes about each of these. We’ll discuss ‘an artist’s three basic needs’ and reflect on your interior landscape, considering how it impacts your creative life. Then we’ll talk about outward actions to take to further your projects, practice, and creative career.

Making Art During Fascism

Artists are essential in resisting and dismantling fascism. Throughout history and through the present, you instigate, question, provoke; you provide humor, creative impulse, reflection, serenity, validation. In light of our country’s political swing toward white supremacy and hate, artists need the emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual support to sustain their work. You are invited to show up, listen, and share: support, resources, community-building, information, methods to enter movements, and ways to sustain both your activism and your practice. You will receive a free pamphlet with tips and self-assessment tools for continuing your practice during this administration.  Click here to read more about the M.A.D.F. pamphlet.

Getting Real with Money (2 Part Series)

Capitalism got you down? Does money make you panic? Do you avoid bills or hide mail? Does the phrase ‘Roth IRA’ confound you? Are you convinced everybody learned how to be an adult with money except you? Time to do something different in this judgment-free environment where you will  confront feelings and fears while gaining some practical personal finance skills.

In Part 1 we will dive into your emotional experience of money and personal finance. You will examine your family’s financial legacy and identify its impact on your present. Examining fear, shame, and guilt, we will use the power of a group experience to disrupt emotional cycles trapping you in money anxieties. You will learn some fundamental exercises to manage the feelings that come up when you think about money.

Part 2 focuses on practical skills including gathering data about your financial picture, creating a realistic budget, steps for moving out of debt, increasing earned income, and establishing achievable, personalized goals for the near future.

It’s Just Capitalism: Grantwriting 101

Learn all about grantwriting and fundraising for artists and small arts organizations (especially queer, trans, people of color, immigrant, and/or female identified and the organizations that serve them) including dispelling myths, financial anxieties, and cultural socialization that prevents these artists from seeking support. We will review the core components of a standard artist’s grant application including artist statement, narrative, budget, and support materials. We’ll discuss the most efficient ways to identify strategic opportunities for you.